LeaCon Photography

Digital and Film Images across the globe


Hi and a very warm welcome to my website

Brief intro about myself.

Since the age of 16 I’ve work on the high sea. In that time travelled the globe a number of times and I’ve dabbled with film and digital photography but never taken the art form seriously until very recently. On my 50th I was bought a Mamiya RB67 and 2 Sekor lens, this has rekindled my passion for 120mm medium format photography.

My main interests are nautical images, street art and wildlife rather than humans. With my occupation I am lucky enough to travel the globe on a regular basis and therefore able to capture some interesting sights.

My photography goals are limitless: however, my bucket list of images still to capture:

  • Capture Moose early spring in the morning mist with traces of breath hoovering, 
  • Narwhals in their natural habitat,
  • Puffins’ mid-flight either during sunrise or sunset
  • Wild monkeys on the beaches in Sri Lanka. I managed to get these images in 2008; however, I’ve lost the files but not the memories.